Wednesday, 27 March 2013

March Favourites

I've hated this month. It's been really bad work month for me and I'm not going to lie I'm glad it's coming to an end. My parents have also been away for 3 weeks and I've missed them loads. I've also felt complete pennyless this month. I'll be glad when pay day comes. Also what's even more annoying that I wrote this post out last night before I went to the gym and when I came home to read through and do a spell and grammar check I realised it didn't save! But here I go again.

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation I use the shade Cashew Beige. I used to use this foundation all the time in 2009/2010 I guess I just forgot all about it while I was trying out others. As you can see this bottle is almost empty I actually bought a back up in February so I'm good to go when this one runs out. The foundation is the best match for my skin that I can find and I really love the look it leaves.

Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips. This was an impulse buy. I was in Newcastle on the way to the match I was going out for dinner after as well as going to see The Script and of course I left my lip balm at home. I ran into Space NK and this was the closet thing to the till so I picked it up. Honestly it's amazing. My lips were so dry and within 3 days they were left super soft again. It has the same texture as Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream but I think this is much better. I like to use it on a night to really let it soak in.

The body shop Tea Tree pore minimiser. I picked it up in December and its been a firm staple in my daily make up routine. I use this as a primer but I really think it helps with spots too. My make up last longer though out the day too and it's under £10...bargain!!

The body shop Absinthe Purifying hand cream. I got this when it was on promotion for £5 in January I seriously wish I picked a back up too. I love to use this on a night before bed to really let it soak into my hands. It also smells amazing!!

Have you tried any of these products??


  1. didn't realise u had posted lovely! omg the tea tree pore minimiser thing... a couple of weeks ago mark got in from work and was like 'i've bought this for myself... think it'll be good for my nose?' hehe! i've really ruined him haven't i?

    i so wanna try the laura mercier foundation. everyone RAVES about it! xxx

    1. Ha you must be rubbing off on him. Me and mark have bought it for the same reason! Have you tried it I think it's better than porefessional.

      You HAVE to try it! Next time you're in town pop into Space NK and get a sample. But you have to take your own pot! xxx