Thursday, 30 August 2012


Today is my Gran's birthday....Happy Birthday Gran!! So my main aim last night was to get my Gran a present. Which I did I got her some hotel chocolates. After years of getting her a M&S voucher I thought I change it up a bit. 

So of course I couldn't go all the way to the metro and not pick me something up could I? 
The metro is a massive shopping centre in Gateshead. It was the biggest in Europe at one point but I'm sure it has lost that title now. 

Anyway here is what I picked up. 

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub. I said in my lust list that I wanted this as my lips were dry. Although they are ok now I thought why not pick this up and give it ago anyway. I'm all about prevention. 

Mac Prep and Prime. I went into boots to buy the Smashbox photo finish primer. However when I got there no one was there to advise me and there were about 8 different ones. At £25 a pop I didn't want to get the wrong one. So I went back to my old faithful. I used to use this a few years ago but went off it. Can't remember for the life of me why. 

Lush Tea Tree Water. I love a good toner and love the fact Lush don't test on animals so I'm looking forward to trying this one out. 

Topshop Lipstick in Coy. This is my first Topshop make up product. I'm super excited to start using it. I thought I would get this to wear at work as it was only £7. It's fairly nude with a slight hint of peach. 

Mac Pro long Lip liner in what a blast. This is to go with my Morange lipstick as I felt it could do with one so I thought why not. 

I actually wanted to get some clothes tonight but no where seemed to have anything I liked at all. Does anyone else find that when you are looking for something there is nothing but when you aren't you seemed to find everything? Or is that just me? 

Dyslexic...Yup that's me

This is a total non beauty related post. I have always struggled with reading and writing. I couldn't spell my last name till I was 7 and didn't know my address till secondary school. I used to be so embarrassed and ashamed about this. I've been called thick, stupid and anything else you can think of. 

It really bothered me for years. If the teacher asked me to read in class I'd get all hot and sweaty my face would turn red and I would stutter every other word. Which was so not like me as I'm a very confident person and will talk to anyone who will talk back to me. So in year 9 I took it upon myself to build my confidence of talking in public up. At my old school every Friday night we would go to chapel where a church service would be held. I started to volunteer to read. I read poems, verses of the bible and speeches. I found a new lease of confidence standing in front of 400 people speaking and if I messed up a word I thought so what at least I stood up there and did it. I did this until I left school. However I still struggled to read therefore I started to read books. I would never of done this out of choice when I was 17/18 now I always have a book on the go. 

At college I studied Childcare and I was taught that every child develops at their own rate. I truly believe this as I've come on leaps and bounds in the last few years alone. 

At work I send emails throughout the day and I always use Google Chrome as it spell checks things for me. It's the reason I didn't start a blog for so long as I didn't want people to laugh at me if I got something wrong. 

People still laugh at me at work whenever if I pronounce something wrong but it really doesn't bother me as so many people who changed the world are dyslexic. If you are dyslexic like me don't let it ever hold you back and if anyone ever makes a nasty comment remember.....

Winston Churchill 

Richard Branson 

Walt Disney 

were all dyslexic. They changed the way we live and were all told they were silly for having dreams. We're not thick we just think differently. 

If you aren't dyslexic thanks for reading this far on. 

(All images were curtsey of Google)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Social Networking

Just a quick post to let you all know my blog has it's very own Twitter and Instagram account. 

Please follow me @ATGSBlog on twitter 


@AllThatGlitersSilver on Instagram 

Thank you. 

My OPI Collection

I have more OPI than any other brand of nail varnish and I have only really been interested in the last few months. So I thought I would share my collection all with you as I love it so much. 

So lets start off with my favourite colour...Pink 

From L-R Charged up Cherry, You're a Pisa Work, Strawberry Margarita and Be a Dahlia Won't you? 

Reds and Corals,

L-R Brights Power, I eat mainly Lobster, Red lights ahead..Where? and Color to Diner for. 


L-R It's my Year, Care to Danse? Congeniality is my Middle Name. 


L-R Absolutely Alice, Into the Night, Laurence-Tainly Look Marvellous and Cuckoo for the Color. 


L-R DS Radiance, Number one Nemesis, Glitzerland and My Private Jet. 


L-R Skull & Glossbones, Did you ear about Van Gogh? and You don't know Jacques! 


L-R Turquoise Shatter and Gold Shatter 


L-R Original Nail Envy and Pink Nail Envy. 

So considering a few months ago I only 9 and now I have 26. I dread to think how much money I have spent on OPI recently. If there is any you would like to see on the nail please let me know. I'd love to know if there are any more colours you think are a must for a collection. 

I also have a mini series to come. So look out for that. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mon Petit Prince

In 2009 and I went off to South Africa for 3 weeks leaving my family behind with firm instructions....'Not to get a dog' I said I would kick it out if there was one at home when I got back. So off I went and 1 week into the holiday they got a little Maltese puppy. 

This is Alfie.... 

This coming from a girl who didn't like dogs 3 years ago. I am totally smitten by him. I got home for South Africa he had already met my whole family and been living in my house for 2 weeks so when I came home he was very interested in me. 

I fell in love the second I laid eyes on him. 

I mean who couldn't love this. This was taken just before I arrived back home. He is the main thing I miss from my parents house. Not having him wake me up. When I was at college he used to come in my room on a morning to make sure I was still there. My Mum says some mornings he still goes in my old room looking for me. 

When I am sad or poorly he some how knows and is always there to give me a cuddle. When I go on holiday I miss him so much. I never knew you could love an animal so much! 

If I am honest I think he is better than some humans I know. When I go to my Parents house he is always the happiest to see me. 

Sorry for the picture overload I understand if you're not a dog lover that you'll think I'm mad before Alfie I would of thought the same. 

Monday, 27 August 2012


Over here in the UK we've had a long weekend. It's my last day off work till Christmas so I've savoured every moment. I wanted a nice nail for this weekend and as the weather has been very wet and dark. It's turning to Autumn quicker than I would like too. 

I went for OPI's My Private jet. I bought this in July after I heard Catrine at Unnakednails talk so much about it. It is such an amazing colour. I would 100% make it a must have for any girl. 

Hope you had a good weekend. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Work essentials

On my desk at work there is a computer, a phone, my phone book and my essentials. I would be lost if they disappeared. 

I keep them in this old make up bag for two reason. One is so when it's in my bag I'm not rummaging around like a mad woman looking for things. Two is so if I have to go out in a hurry I just 'grab the bag'. 

The bag is an old Mac one that I got a few Christmas's ago containing make up brushes. I thought it was a shame to throw it away. 

What's in the bag? 

Body shop strawberry hand cleanse gel. I work in a office full of men and I'm sure they never wash their hands! This is essential so I don't get any nasty germs off them. I apply this all the time through out the day. This is my first bottle from the body shop and my Mum thinks it smells like Brandy. 

Nivea age defying hand cream. After applying the cleanse gel I always put hand cream on as I think sometimes it can dry your hands out or at least the amount of times I put it on. 

Carmex lip balm. Recently I've had really dry lips and been really thirsty I'm not sure if this is related? But any way I apply this like it's going out of fashion throughout the day. 

Bonjela. I get run down a lot and when I do I get ulcers and they can really hurt. 

Body shop coconut body butter. For some reasons I get very dry skin on my collar bone if it's not the left it's the right. I apply this about twice a day as it can hurt me. 

Nails inc Caviar top coat. Well you never know when you need a touch up. 

OPI Avoplex. This is actually my Mum's I don't use it every day but it's a nice little treatment while I'm at work. 

There you have it. That's how I get through my day at work. Do you have any must haves? 

How much does my face cost?

Ever since I saw this on Jen's blog I've wanted to know, how much exactly does my face cost? 

This is my work face. I work in an office where nothing exciting ever happens and I'm sure if I went in with purple hair no one in the office would even notice so I put my make up on for me. I feel it gives my more confidence. 

So here you have my face. Every morning I wash, cleanse, tone and apply moisturiser. This is essential for my base. So lets work out how much it cost me for my confidence.   

Benefit POREfessional £23.50 
Mac Pro longwear Foundation in NW25 £24.00 
Mac Select Cover up £14.50
Mac Mineralize Skin finish in Medium £21.00 
Miners Cosmetics Bronzer and Blusher blend £4.99
Sleek blush Rose Gold £4.49
Mac Paint pot in Bare study £14.50 
Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack £14.00 
Benefit They're real £18.50 
Benefit Brow Zing in Medium £22.50
Carmex Cherry Tube £2.69 
Mac Lipstick Angel £14
Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray £23 


I got my Benefit brown zing with my boots points and I got the bronzer and blusher in my She said beauty box. But still WOW. I am shocked. That's not including my brushes that are mostly Mac. I do change my make up in the winter so it will be interesting too see how much my winter face costs. 

 It's expensive being a girl. But I love it.  How much does your face cost? 

(I'm sorry for the bad quality of my picture I am going to buy myself a new camera if anyone has any advice on which one to buy please let me know as I am hopeless thank you)

Saturday, 25 August 2012


OPI 'You don't know Jacques!' I love the name. I picked this up last week and this is my first time using it.

I 100% love this colour. What do you think? The next polish on my wish list is 'Over the taupe' which is meant to be the summer shade of You don't know Jacques. If you have either of them I'd love to know what you think. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Make up mail

I love ordering things from the internet and waiting for them to come through the post. It's a little bit like Christmas for me. (Sad I know) 

Imagine my excitement when Buy a Powa emailed me on Friday morning saying they had Nars Super Orgasm. I was kind of a little bit disappointed that it wasn't the original Orgasm but it was described as 'Orgasm on crack' and it was a bargain price. Instead of £21 I got this of £18.45 including delivery. 

Of course it came in the usual Nars box and packaging and I completely love it. 

The camera really doesn't bring up how sparkly this product is. 

I don't think I'll be able to get away with this for work as it does have a bit of glitter in but for a night out I think it'll be fabulous. If you haven't tried Buy a powa it's worth a look they don't always have something your interested in but they do get some beauty's too. 

Have you tried this before? Is it much different from the original? 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

NOTD Leighton Denny

This is my first Leighton Denny nail varnish and I got free with Harpers Bazaar, I wish I got the other 2 now. 

I 100% love this colour it is part of the Spring 2012 collection Castaway. You can pick them up here

How fantastic is this colour! It does have a shimmer in which I sometimes don't like but I'm loving this one. It reminds me of a darker version of 'I mainly eat lobster' from OPI. 

To achieve this look I used,

Nails Inc - Kensington Caviar base coat,
OPI - Nail Envy
Leighton Denny - Coral Reef,
Essie - Let it shine top coat 

If you love nails check out Catrine at Unnakednails she is amazing at nail art!  

Do you have any Leighton Denny? What is your favourite colour? 

Lust list

If you read blogs I always find there is always something new out there and I seem to constantly have something on my want list! I am trying my hardest to be good and save but I seem to always say to myself...'well I'll start next week' So here are a few things that I am longing for. 

Lush - Bubblegum Lip Scrub 

For some strange reason my lips are really dry at the moment I constantly put lip balm on so I'm not 100% sure why. I might 'have' to pick this up on my next shopping trip for the sake of my lips. 

Nars - American Pallet 

I have one nars eye shadow that I've had for some time now but as it's very purple I can't use it day to day. It is one of the most highly pigmented eye shadows I own. I'd love to own this. I swatched the colours while I was in Space NK on Saturday. But I can't justify £39 on another pallet not long after acquiring the Naked 2 pallet. 

Nars - Orgasm Blush 

Does this really need an explanation? I use the Sleek rose gold which is meant to be a pretty close dupe and on Friday buy a powa had the Super Orgasm so I bought that. Maybe next time I'm in Newcastle I'll pick this up and use the same excuse I tell myself. 'Well I did work really hard at work this week'   


I've never really used hair treatments until about a month ago when my hair started to feel really dry so I picked a hair mask and it really worked and I seem to be really into them now. I've heard mixed reviews about this so I want to give it ago for myself.  

Do you have any of these products? What do you think...worth getting? 

All images curtsey of Google 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Something I wouldn't of picked up.

Last Friday while in my local co op looking some lunch time pick me up I spotted this. 

I occasionally buy Look and Grazia magazine this is something I never would of bothered with. However it had Mollie King on the cover and as a Saturday's fan I thought I could spare the £3.60 to see what she was on the cover about. I am so happy I picked this little gem up. I'm not a big on fitness but I do enjoy going to the gym but it has all different kinds of articles in. It really is a little insight on how to live a healthy life. I will be picking up the next issue. 

Have you read this? What did you think? 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Weekend shopping

I had a complete horrific week at work so I needed a lot of cheering up. 

So on Saturday I skipped my usual spinning session (naughty I know) and my sister and I headed into town for some lunch and a little bit of shopping.....

So here's what I picked up,

I got these in TKMaxx for a bargain price of £6, yes that's right £6 for both of them. The colour is called bordeaux and I thought it would be a really pretty colour for winter. The ridge filling base coat is something that I wanted from OPI but for the price I thought could I really not just give this ago? 

I actually bought these on Friday after work but it was kinda the weekend so they count. OPI is my favourite nail brand and I'm really looking forward to trying them all out. From L-R is, Skull & Glossbones, You don't know Jacques! Glizerland and Colour to Diner for. These I also thought would be lovely for the Autumn/Winter months that will be fast upon us. 

On Saturday afternoon around 5:30 the premiership kicked off for me. Newcastle united are my home team and as I have a season ticket I wasn't going to miss it for the world. I normally sit in the legendary Gallowgate end but I ended up sitting with my Dad in his spare ticket in the 1892 club. My prediction came true and NUFC beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-1. This made my awful week a lot better. 

As you can see the sun was shinning too. I can't wait for the season to unfold. 

My Dad and I got to Newcastle 1hour before kick off so I had time to literally run into town and pick up something that is on my 'lust' list. 

I picked up the Nars bronzer in Laguna. I am so excited about this but I've decided to keep it till I've used up my other bronzer's as I know I'll most likely never go back to them. 

I hope you have had a great weekend. 


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Holiday blues

We've all had that feeling where we've had a few days off work (2 weeks in my case) you have an amazing time. You catch up on the important things in life like, sleep, food and family. 

Well 2 weeks ago I touched down back in the coldness of the UK after an amazing holiday in Marbella. 

Forget the show Essex did there we did it the proper way. I went with my Mum, Dad and little sister. In the 2 weeks my cousin also came and my friend Georgia. It was my 22nd year there and it really is a home away from home. 

I thought my second first blog would be good to show you a few pictures of what I got up too. 

Every year of mine and my sisters life we have a picture outside this door. I'm not 100% sure how it started all those years ago but my Dad has every single one. We don't even know the people who live there. 

My beautiful Mum and Dad at our favourite restaurant in Marbella.

This is me in Puerto Banus. 

I wish England had weather like this for a tan sadly till next year. I'll just have to fake it. 

Have you ever been to Spain? Where did you go? 

Welcome to my little world

Hello Dolls,

Thank you for firstly coming to look on my blog. After reading them for over a year I want to make my 'mark' on the world and tell you guys what I think.

My name is Katie and I'm 21 and live in the North East of England where the sun always shines!! Only kidding it's almost always raining.

My blog will be about beauty, lifestyle and a little bit of travel. Basically a little insight to my life. 

I love finding new blogs so please leave a comment so I can head over to your page. 

I hope you enjoy reading.