Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dyslexic...Yup that's me

This is a total non beauty related post. I have always struggled with reading and writing. I couldn't spell my last name till I was 7 and didn't know my address till secondary school. I used to be so embarrassed and ashamed about this. I've been called thick, stupid and anything else you can think of. 

It really bothered me for years. If the teacher asked me to read in class I'd get all hot and sweaty my face would turn red and I would stutter every other word. Which was so not like me as I'm a very confident person and will talk to anyone who will talk back to me. So in year 9 I took it upon myself to build my confidence of talking in public up. At my old school every Friday night we would go to chapel where a church service would be held. I started to volunteer to read. I read poems, verses of the bible and speeches. I found a new lease of confidence standing in front of 400 people speaking and if I messed up a word I thought so what at least I stood up there and did it. I did this until I left school. However I still struggled to read therefore I started to read books. I would never of done this out of choice when I was 17/18 now I always have a book on the go. 

At college I studied Childcare and I was taught that every child develops at their own rate. I truly believe this as I've come on leaps and bounds in the last few years alone. 

At work I send emails throughout the day and I always use Google Chrome as it spell checks things for me. It's the reason I didn't start a blog for so long as I didn't want people to laugh at me if I got something wrong. 

People still laugh at me at work whenever if I pronounce something wrong but it really doesn't bother me as so many people who changed the world are dyslexic. If you are dyslexic like me don't let it ever hold you back and if anyone ever makes a nasty comment remember.....

Winston Churchill 

Richard Branson 

Walt Disney 

were all dyslexic. They changed the way we live and were all told they were silly for having dreams. We're not thick we just think differently. 

If you aren't dyslexic thanks for reading this far on. 

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  1. Hey what a great post! My bf is dyslexic and when he went to uni he didnt tell anyone (except me, we met at the start of uni doing the same course) I could really tell in the first year that he was dyslexic as is spelling and grammar wasn't good, but every essay and report I went through it sometimes with and sometimes not and changed every wrong spelling and grammar so that it was right! It was something that i am really proud of and he was always happy that i did for him. by the end of uni you could see that there was a good difference in his writing and i read through his disssertation so many times to make sure it was perfect!! there were always certain words that he didnt get the hang of, but he does sometimes remember to use the right "which" (he always used to put witch instead)that's one i always remember!

    so yea well done for overcoming it like you have! and you could never tell by your writing that you are dyslexic!! well done! :)

    Jen xxx

    1. Thanks Jen. I think I've improved a lot over the years. Well done on your BF going to Uni it's one of the reason's I didn't go in the end. I used to always write Sandwitch and get mixed up with your and you're. I have loads of little tricks of remembering things. xxx