Sunday, 26 August 2012

Work essentials

On my desk at work there is a computer, a phone, my phone book and my essentials. I would be lost if they disappeared. 

I keep them in this old make up bag for two reason. One is so when it's in my bag I'm not rummaging around like a mad woman looking for things. Two is so if I have to go out in a hurry I just 'grab the bag'. 

The bag is an old Mac one that I got a few Christmas's ago containing make up brushes. I thought it was a shame to throw it away. 

What's in the bag? 

Body shop strawberry hand cleanse gel. I work in a office full of men and I'm sure they never wash their hands! This is essential so I don't get any nasty germs off them. I apply this all the time through out the day. This is my first bottle from the body shop and my Mum thinks it smells like Brandy. 

Nivea age defying hand cream. After applying the cleanse gel I always put hand cream on as I think sometimes it can dry your hands out or at least the amount of times I put it on. 

Carmex lip balm. Recently I've had really dry lips and been really thirsty I'm not sure if this is related? But any way I apply this like it's going out of fashion throughout the day. 

Bonjela. I get run down a lot and when I do I get ulcers and they can really hurt. 

Body shop coconut body butter. For some reasons I get very dry skin on my collar bone if it's not the left it's the right. I apply this about twice a day as it can hurt me. 

Nails inc Caviar top coat. Well you never know when you need a touch up. 

OPI Avoplex. This is actually my Mum's I don't use it every day but it's a nice little treatment while I'm at work. 

There you have it. That's how I get through my day at work. Do you have any must haves? 


  1. I should really give Carmex a try ...xx

  2. Great post, I always have lip balm and a hand cream with me :) x

    1. I feel lost when I don't have them with me. x