Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mon Petit Prince

In 2009 and I went off to South Africa for 3 weeks leaving my family behind with firm instructions....'Not to get a dog' I said I would kick it out if there was one at home when I got back. So off I went and 1 week into the holiday they got a little Maltese puppy. 

This is Alfie.... 

This coming from a girl who didn't like dogs 3 years ago. I am totally smitten by him. I got home for South Africa he had already met my whole family and been living in my house for 2 weeks so when I came home he was very interested in me. 

I fell in love the second I laid eyes on him. 

I mean who couldn't love this. This was taken just before I arrived back home. He is the main thing I miss from my parents house. Not having him wake me up. When I was at college he used to come in my room on a morning to make sure I was still there. My Mum says some mornings he still goes in my old room looking for me. 

When I am sad or poorly he some how knows and is always there to give me a cuddle. When I go on holiday I miss him so much. I never knew you could love an animal so much! 

If I am honest I think he is better than some humans I know. When I go to my Parents house he is always the happiest to see me. 

Sorry for the picture overload I understand if you're not a dog lover that you'll think I'm mad before Alfie I would of thought the same. 


  1. Hehe!! I love this :D i feel the total same way about my cats! they are my babies! its crazy to think that some people cant understand the bond that you can have with an animal! its seriously amazing! Thanks for sharing him! he is soo cute :D

    Jen xxx

    1. I know what you mean. To be fair I used to think people were mad when they said they missed their pet. But I 100% agree. I think he is cute too but maybe I am a little biased!! xxx

  2. Aww how cute is he :D I have a Yorkshire Terrier called Bella and they can be friends haha :D Bella is like part of the family now, totally understand what you mean :D



    1. Alfie and Bella sound so cute togeather. I LOVE Yorkies. They are sooooo cute. Xxx

  3. Oh my god I'm in love with him. I hate dogs but soooo cute!