Thursday, 30 August 2012


Today is my Gran's birthday....Happy Birthday Gran!! So my main aim last night was to get my Gran a present. Which I did I got her some hotel chocolates. After years of getting her a M&S voucher I thought I change it up a bit. 

So of course I couldn't go all the way to the metro and not pick me something up could I? 
The metro is a massive shopping centre in Gateshead. It was the biggest in Europe at one point but I'm sure it has lost that title now. 

Anyway here is what I picked up. 

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub. I said in my lust list that I wanted this as my lips were dry. Although they are ok now I thought why not pick this up and give it ago anyway. I'm all about prevention. 

Mac Prep and Prime. I went into boots to buy the Smashbox photo finish primer. However when I got there no one was there to advise me and there were about 8 different ones. At £25 a pop I didn't want to get the wrong one. So I went back to my old faithful. I used to use this a few years ago but went off it. Can't remember for the life of me why. 

Lush Tea Tree Water. I love a good toner and love the fact Lush don't test on animals so I'm looking forward to trying this one out. 

Topshop Lipstick in Coy. This is my first Topshop make up product. I'm super excited to start using it. I thought I would get this to wear at work as it was only £7. It's fairly nude with a slight hint of peach. 

Mac Pro long Lip liner in what a blast. This is to go with my Morange lipstick as I felt it could do with one so I thought why not. 

I actually wanted to get some clothes tonight but no where seemed to have anything I liked at all. Does anyone else find that when you are looking for something there is nothing but when you aren't you seemed to find everything? Or is that just me? 


  1. Oooo I didn't know you lived near the metro! Always nice to know fellow northeners! I also used to love the prep and prime and I went off it as well, might have to pick it up again....also love the look of the topshop lip, the colour is gorgeous xxxx

    1. I like finding a northern blogger too. I'm actually looking forward to using this primer again. I wanted to bring the lipstick into work today but I left it at home...I'm gutted. Something to look forward to at the weekend I guess. xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to your granny ;) The Topshop lipstick looks pretty nice.Have a good weekend.xx

    1. Thanks Sabrina!! I hope you have a good weekend too. xx

  3. What lovely products, these look amazing! :)

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