Monday, 8 April 2013

A Daisy Dupe

Way back in January I was in Boots in Durham with my Mum and we were in there for ages. No joke. I have wanted Marc Jacobs Daisy for 2 Christmas' now and I finially decided to buy it when the lady said 'have you smelt Yardley Royal English Daisy before' Of course I hadn't. So off she went with two of the tester bits of paper. When she came back gave me a smell test. Which one was Marc Jacobs and Yardley. I honestly couldn't tell the difference they smelt the same. When she got both the bottles and sprayed one of each I was amazed at how there was hardly a differenced so I purchased. Granted the bottle isn't as pretty as Marc Jacobs but I'll keep the £35 in my pocket and wait another year till Christmas comes and I'll put it on my list again. Yardley cost £9.99 and Marc Jacobs was  £45. A saving of £35.01. 

Next time you're in Boots have a whiff and see if you can tell the difference. 

Mac Haul

I love mac. I mean what's not to love. The packaging, the product and of course finishing 6 products you get a free lippy. So when my parents told me they were off to the Caribbean I gave my Mum some money and a list of the 'cheaper' mac I wanted her to pick up for me.

I asked for, 217 brush, 239 brush, Vegas volt, shy girl, creme cup lipsticks, handwritten, Charcoal brown, contrast and Electra eye shadow. And yes she came through and yes I am in love.

Top brush is the 217 and the bottom is the 239. Top right eye shadow is Electra left is Charcoal brown bottom right is Contrast and left is handwritten. 

Swatches are Handwritten, Charcoal brown, Contrast and Electra. 

From left is Creme cup, Shy girl and Vegas Volt. 

Thank you Mum you are a super star for picking these up for me. I wore Shy girl today at work and I have to say it may just be my favourite every day shade.What is your favourite every day shade?