Monday, 8 April 2013

A Daisy Dupe

Way back in January I was in Boots in Durham with my Mum and we were in there for ages. No joke. I have wanted Marc Jacobs Daisy for 2 Christmas' now and I finially decided to buy it when the lady said 'have you smelt Yardley Royal English Daisy before' Of course I hadn't. So off she went with two of the tester bits of paper. When she came back gave me a smell test. Which one was Marc Jacobs and Yardley. I honestly couldn't tell the difference they smelt the same. When she got both the bottles and sprayed one of each I was amazed at how there was hardly a differenced so I purchased. Granted the bottle isn't as pretty as Marc Jacobs but I'll keep the £35 in my pocket and wait another year till Christmas comes and I'll put it on my list again. Yardley cost £9.99 and Marc Jacobs was  £45. A saving of £35.01. 

Next time you're in Boots have a whiff and see if you can tell the difference. 

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