Sunday, 26 August 2012

How much does my face cost?

Ever since I saw this on Jen's blog I've wanted to know, how much exactly does my face cost? 

This is my work face. I work in an office where nothing exciting ever happens and I'm sure if I went in with purple hair no one in the office would even notice so I put my make up on for me. I feel it gives my more confidence. 

So here you have my face. Every morning I wash, cleanse, tone and apply moisturiser. This is essential for my base. So lets work out how much it cost me for my confidence.   

Benefit POREfessional £23.50 
Mac Pro longwear Foundation in NW25 £24.00 
Mac Select Cover up £14.50
Mac Mineralize Skin finish in Medium £21.00 
Miners Cosmetics Bronzer and Blusher blend £4.99
Sleek blush Rose Gold £4.49
Mac Paint pot in Bare study £14.50 
Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack £14.00 
Benefit They're real £18.50 
Benefit Brow Zing in Medium £22.50
Carmex Cherry Tube £2.69 
Mac Lipstick Angel £14
Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray £23 


I got my Benefit brown zing with my boots points and I got the bronzer and blusher in my She said beauty box. But still WOW. I am shocked. That's not including my brushes that are mostly Mac. I do change my make up in the winter so it will be interesting too see how much my winter face costs. 

 It's expensive being a girl. But I love it.  How much does your face cost? 

(I'm sorry for the bad quality of my picture I am going to buy myself a new camera if anyone has any advice on which one to buy please let me know as I am hopeless thank you)


  1. n that's without the cost of skin care! i dont usually wear makeup for work but going out makeup i would hate to think what my face costs!! :/ xxx

    1. Next time I go out I'm going to see how much that costs. I would hate to think how much my elemis would all add up too. I'm starting to think a no make up to work rule should apply! Xxxx

  2. Great post! :) I think I will need to do one of these, though I think I will do it for how much my going out face costs!! Ooo scary!! hehe

    Jen xxx

    1. Thanks Jen. I was a little shocked how much it would cost to get my face back. I might do a skin care one. I'm such an expensive girl! Ha. Xxx

  3. Oh wow this type of post is so unusual but like really interesting, I think I may have to do it! Dread to think how much my whole beauty routine costs though *wince* xxxx

    1. I was shocked to know. If I lost my make up it would cost me just over £200 to replace. I am going to post a skin care routine and I actually am scared to think what it is. xxx

  4. I seem to find that i spend the money on makeup and dont realise how quickly it all adds up, dont think mine would be as much as £200 though!

    follow for a follow?xxx