Monday, 3 September 2012

Balmi Lip balm

Last Saturday I went to my local boots to see if I could get some Real Tequiches brushes. When I was looking at them I thought do I really need anymore? I have a lot of Mac brushes that cost a bomb so I thought no I don't need them. So as I went for a wonder I came across this. I've had really dry lips and none of my usual products seemed to be working. This looked similar to the EOS lip balm everyone raves about from America. It was £4.99 a little bit more than the average lip balm but the price didn't bother me as I was a woman on the edge who needed help.  

I picked the Raspberry one. I don't actually know why as I don't like the smell or the taste of raspberry. Maybe the fact it was a prettier pink than the Strawberry one. 
Image is from google. 

So I'm not a girl that looks to see what is in a product. This is probably bad as I've read so many blogs where people say that they do. But when I go shopping I never wear my glasses so I can never read the packagings tiny writing. But after careful research I have found out that the have  Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil for ultra smooth lips. The important thing is that it's working for me. 

My lips had become dry and chapped and had been like this for a week. joke a day they were soft and felt so nice again.

I apply it about 5 times a day and always before I put my lipstick on. I can't really find a fault with the product apart from the fact it's made in China. Now this is something I do check. If they are two products and I can't decided which one I go for the one made in the UK. There isn't much left made in the UK now so it's important to support it. 

The smell is so fruity it doesn't make me think of Raspberry's I can't actually think what it smells like but it is lovely. 

I would like to try the Blackcurrant one next. Which will most likely be pretty soon. 

What flavour would you like to try? 


  1. i need this in my life - its too cute x

  2. I have not tried these but I have heard good things and I love the packaging! x

    1. The packaging is great and the product works. An all round winner x

  3. I definitely want to try these! I love the packaging and they have so many great scents! I really like the green one, not sure which one that is! Great post


    1. Thank you. I think the mint one is green x

  4. LOVE the sound of a black current lipbalm mm:) heard they do it in coconut too yum!