Tuesday, 11 September 2012

If I knew then what I know now

I've seen a few of these post around the blogging world about what would you tell your 16 year old self. Well I was quite a mature teenager so I'm aiming for a little bit younger. Maybe about 14. 

Dear Katie, 

Don't use sun beds. Please don't go on them. There are loads of  fake tans you can get you should really try them out. I know you'll keep getting streaks but with some practice you'll get better. 

Don't care what people say. Something you've got to learn is not to care. As soon as they know you aren't bother they'll give up. They are jealous and jealousy is never a good thing. 

Mum is always right. Sorry you can argue all you like but she's right...every time. Mum and Dad also know a lot they've been around a lot longer than you. Listen to their knowledge. 

Expensive make up isn't the be all and end all. Try other brands you'll save yourself a fortune and they are just as good. Remember you're only paying for the name. 

You're sister is your best friend and you'll always be there for each other. 

Make more time for the people you love as they may be gone quicker than you will ever imagine. 

When Mum and Dad drag you around France they're doing it for your own good and the French you learn comes vital when you start to work full time. 

Take it all in, time goes by quicker than you'll ever imagine and in a blink of the eye you'll be working full time paying bills. 


So there you have it, that is the advice I would give to me if I could turn back the clock. I wouldn't give to much away about what is about to come. I couldn't find a old photo of me as I think they all must be at home on my parents computer. This is me when I was about 19 on holiday in Egypt. I still look really young compared to now and I can't believe how long my hair used to be.  

And this was me on holiday in the Caribbean in Mach this year. Maybe I look the same just look a bit more wiser not older. 

Is there anything you would tell your younger self? 

Sorry about the pictures it is my main aim to get more photos of me where I'm not holding a drink!!