Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mac Lipstick Costa Chic

Let me start of by telling you how much I love this shade.....a lot. Catrine from Unnakednails recommended this to me before I went on my holidays in July. Trust me when I say this she knows her lipsticks and this was the perfect shade for me. So off I went to Mac to give it a swatch and I fell in love with it. 

It's the perfect summer coral shade. I wore it almost every day/night of my holiday. It's a frost finish however it's not extremely frosty like Angle is.  It has the perfect bit of shimmer through it and looks amazing with a tan. 

Overall this was £14 well spent and I am so happy I picked this up. I only wish Summer wasn't over so I can carry on wearing it. Do you own this shade? 


  1. I have been desperate to get this shade for ages!!!! you lucky thing!! this will definitely be the first mac lipstick shade i buy! :D

    Jen xxx

    1. It is such an amazing colour. I really want to do a face of the day but I'm not sure if I'm brave enought. xxx

    2. Aww don't be silly!! You should definitely do some faces of the day! i know i would love to see the looks you come up with especially using this lipstick pretty please!! :D I'm sure you look gorgeous in any photo you take!!

      Jen xx

  2. Oh wow this is a gorgeous shade, such a lucky lady :D


  3. This is such a lovely shade! Sometimes frosts can look too shimmery, but this one looks perfect! x