Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Caribbean Adventures

I have mention on my Aruba Aloe lotion and my Mac Girl about Town post that I have been to two Island in the Caribbean and Jen form Its a Blondes Life!  said she would would like to see some pictures of my trip. 

I have been to the Caribbean twice and I honestly never thought I'd be able to go once in my life so I do feel extremely privlaged. Each time I have been has been on a cruise. First time was in February 2011 and second time was in March this year. I was so excited when my parents told me that they had booked it for us. They told me and my sister way back in March 2010 that we were going. I honestly couldn't wait however I felt like a cruise was for 'old people'. My parents reassured me and said that it wasn't but I still felt like there would be me and my sister and the rest of the ship will be all OAPs. OOOOOHHHH just how wrong I was. Each cruise I have been on we have met so many people our age. The first cruise there was a group of 5 guys my age on a lads holiday. I can honestly say they are the best holidays and I have ever been on and I couldn't recommend them enough. I have only ever been on a P&O ship called Ventura and it is massive. 

The 9 islands I have been too are, Barbados, Grand Truk, Antigua, St Lucia, Aruba, St Marten, Jamaica, Dominica and Bonaire. If I was going to tell you about each Island this post would be a book. My favourite Islands are Barbados, Aruba and St Marten. 

Here are some pictures of my familys adventures in 2012. 

Quick drink before we board the ship in Barbados. (This is me) 

Bonaire is a small island which is very popular for snorkelers. How blue is the sea? 

Dad me and my Mum in Arbua. Aruba is amazing for shopping and has white sandy beaches. 

Waiting for the lift. The ship has so many different places to eat and drink. 

Jamaica is famous for the Dunns river falls which we did in 2011. This is at the dock how big is the ship? 

Grand Turk is a tiny island you can see right across it from the top deck of the ship however it has amazing pool party there call Margaritaville which is amazing it's ful of Americans having an amazing time. I really enjoyed this island as it was a beach day. The drink I am holding was a Pina colada who doesn't love a good cocktail in the sun? 

You can see right across this island see.....Grand Turk. 

The White room on board the Ventura. 

St Marten. The shopping island. This has the best of both worlds there are two sides of the island the French side and the Dutch. The Dutch has the shops the beaches and the bars!! 

Antigua has 365 beaches one for every day of the year. On this beach I saw a lady who goes to my gym. It really is a small world. 

Dominica is a very green island. The first picture is their countries flag and the second is me and my beautiful family in front of mama waterfall.

St Lucia. These are the Pitons they are amazing to see. (Can you believe I took this picture with my iphone?)

Barbados is amazing the only music I heard play on the island is Rihanna.

Barbados, my Dad and sister and Terry the Turtle. 

On the last night in Barbados the ship docks over night. Me, my sister and some friends we met went to Harbour lights. It is a party on the beach. Imagine your local night club but open air, all you can drink for $20 and instead of a dance floor you have sand. I heard every Rihanna song that night that she had ever made. There were so many different nationality's there. It is a fantastic night out. 

I truly believe the people in the Caribbean are the happiest people in the world. They don't have any benefits out there so if you don't work there will be no money. People learn to live off the land and help each other out. I think maybe in a past life I was from there as I felt right at home! 

So there you have it. I had the best time ever on both holidays and I can't thank my parents enough for taking me and my sister. 


  1. Wow!!! Omg that looks like such an amazing holiday!!! :O first off that boat just looks like a floating building!! secondly i want to go to barbados cause i loveeee Rihanna!! haha i would love it if a club just played her all night! :D the scenery just looks breathtaking! It is hard to imagine thathese islands are able to survive with them being so small! I so wanna go on this cruise now!! haha I still cant beleieve there is a MAC shop there!! how awesome :D hehe
    Brilliant post!
    Jen xxx

    1. It really was amazing. We had the best time ever. I really want to go back!! The shops are unreal. But some of the island don't have any. Aruba was like a shoppers paradise. Xxx

  2. I've been to the Carib a few times... one Island on the go to list though is def Dominica cos my Dad used to live there! I recognise ochos rios dock... I have a pic of that from Rose Gardens which is up by Dunns River.

    I wanna go on hol now after seeing this!! Thanks Katie... ;P


    1. Your Dad used to live there. Wow that's amazing!! I loved the Dunns river falls although I did feel like I was not going to reach the top. Xxx