Monday, 1 October 2012

Birthday OPI's

Saturday was my 22nd birthday I had a lovely day. I went out for lunch with my sister and a friend and we went into town to have a few drinks after. I got some lovely presents and want to show you the OPI polishes I got. Altogether I got 8.

All the colours as you can see are pink. I think my family know me a little too well. 

I got the Minnie mouse collection which I was so happy about. I love all the colours and painted my nails 'I'm all ears' straight away. From L-R I'm all ears, Colour of Minnie, If you moust you moust and Nothing mouse about it. 

L-R Nail Envy, And this little piggy, Miami beats and Pedal fast Suzi.

It's safe to say that I won't be needing to buy any more polish for a while and expect a few NOTD. So thank you so much to my family for spoiling me! 

Which one would you like to see first? 


  1. Oh Happy Birthday ;) Lovely colours!xx

  2. ooo your so lucky!! i would of loved to get my hands on the minnie mouse polishes!! i especially love the glitter one with the minnie mouse shapes in it!! sooo awesome!!

    Glad you had a fab birthday!!

    Jen xxx

    1. Thanks Jen. They are little hearts in the polish. They are so cute. Xxx