Monday, 1 October 2012

September favourites

Wow this year is flashing by so fast. I'm really looking forward to October, it's my little sisters birthday. I can't wait for a night out. (Hint hint Emily!!)  

Here is what I have been loving this month. 

Stippling brush - This is the life saver of brushes. I have been using this to buff my Mac sculpt cream in. 

Benefit Sun beam -  Along with my Mac sculpt I have been using this to highlight my cheek bone and arch of my eye. I wasn't sure about this when I first got it but I have been using it everyday recently. 

Besties dry shampoo - Does this need an introduction? I work full time and lets face it I do not have time wash my hair everyday. It takes 1 and half hours to wash and dry my hair so by doing it every other day I am saving hours of my life. 

Morrocon Oil - This is amazing I have nothing but fabulous things to say about this oil. It makes my hair feel so soft and just luxurious. You only need a little amount. 

Naked 2 - I got this as a gift in July which I was so grateful for and this has been to my go to eye make up this month. I really feel like this is the only thing I need to create a smoky eye or an everyday look. 

Have you tired any of my favourites? What have you been loving this month? 


  1. I've heard loads of great things about the Morrocon hair oil, gonna have to find me some!! X

  2. I wouldnt be without my stippling brush now.
    Intrigued by the dry shampoo, have never tried it, but am definatley going to get some this w/e. Heard so many good things about it.