Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Essie Cute as a button

I got this while on holiday this summer and it was my first Essie polish. I think this is my all time favourite. That is a very big statement to make as I'm a die hard OPI fan. I pick this up as I had left half of my holiday polish's on my bedside table at home. After the utter panic of thinking I had lost them all I decided to buy some more. I love everything about this polish, the bottle, the formula  the colour, the stay power and the brush. I've heard a few people on blogs have said how the formula of Essie polishes have changed. This is the new one as I have Essie Mint candy apple and it is no where near as good as this one. 

I had this on my nails for a whole 7 days and it didn't chip at all. I was so impressed. I used nail envy as a base and Essie shine on as a top coat.   

This was just after application. 

This was after 4 days application. I really think it is the best for long lasting. 

Have you used Essie before? What do you think? 


  1. Gahhh!! i loveee this colour!! it is so bright and fun :D looks brilliant on your lovely long nails!

    Jen xxx

    1. Thanks Jen. Was a great colour for the summer. xxx