Sunday, 7 October 2012

Feel good Fridays

On Friday I finished work like normal and had full intentions on going to M&S to get some food in for the weekend but Boots literally forced me into their shop I am holding them 100% reasonable for these goodies. 

When I pulled up at M&S I saw 3 for 2 in massive gold and red letters and thought well it wouldn't hurt to have a look. Well it did.  

The Garnier moisturiser is actually a repurchase. I used this while on holiday and my family ended up loving it too so it was all gone by the end of the holiday. It doesn't exactly last 7 days but it does make your skin feel silky smooth. 

Stay Matte Rimmel London. I picked this up in shade Silky beige. I've never really used any of Rimmels make up. I bought this instead of buying Macs mineral finish. Hopefully it'll do the job just as well. 

Collection 2000 concealer. Everyone in the blogging world raves about this. I don't actually need a new concealer but I really wanted to try it. I got this in medium.

L'oreal Super Liner in Black crystal. I haven't used a liquid liner in years and a few weekends ago when I was getting ready to go out I got an urge to put liner on my lids and my Mac gel liner has dried up. 

Revlon Just Bitten in Crush Brguin. I actually wanted the L'oreal lippy that Cheryl Cole wore on last weeks X Factor but of course it was sold out. This was a pretty similar shade. 

I picked up 2 Real Techniques brushes. I got the Setting brush (pink one) for my highlighter and the lash-brow groomer as this morning when I was getting ready I really couldn't of done with one. 

Have you used any of these products before? 


  1. Absolutely love the l'oreal superliner, it's my favourite eyeliner and aswell with the collection 2000 concealer it's really great!xx